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The Myths

Psiloritis is connected with the birth and activity of immortal gods. At the glacis of mountain Idis, Rea hunted by Saturn, hid Zeus and the mythical goat Amalthia nurtured the king of Dodecatheon. Here, Kourites with the growl of their shields covered the cry of the little god that was meant to become the father of Gods and people. Above the table-land of Nida at Idaion Andron was the center of worship of the Cretan born Zeus.

Deservingly, the cave was characterized as the Vithleem of ancient times. According to the ancient myth, Zeus disguised as a bull, crossed over the river Litheos and transferred Europe to the island of Crete ending up to ancient Gortina. Here is the labyrinth; the cave where in its rambling corridors lived the infamous Minotaur.

The copper giant Talos was assigned by king Minoa to protect the island of Crete from any intruder. The mythic creature is linked with the mountainous bulk of the Talea Mountains that spread north of Psiloritis.Gerondospilios of Melidoni was the worshipping place of Talaios Hermes.

The sacred mountain from the era of the first residence defines the fate of humans that are fed with myths and form history.