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Anogia Enviromental Center

Εnvironmental Education Center of Anogia

The Εnvironmental Education Center of Anogia (E.E.C.A.) has been operating since 2006.It belongs to the Ministry of National Educational and Religious Affairs and is housed in Study Centre of National Youth Foundation of Department of Anogia.

 The main Educational activities of E.E.C.A are:

  •  To increase the sensitivity of young people to topics concerning environmental problems in order that they develop the responsible attitudes and participatory behaviour that will contribute to the protection of the ecological balance and the quality of life in the direction of development.
  •  To design and run different programmes for schools. These programmes are attended by groups of students of primary and secondary education from schools of Crete and other Regions of Creece.
  •  To organize training seminars for teachers of primary and secondary schools.
  •  To support Environmental Education programs in schools.
  •  To produce educational materials about environmental field.
  •  To contact with scientific institutions at local, national and international level to further information, research and documentation of educational programmes.
  •  Τo educate various social groups of the local community.
  • To participate in local activities of the authorities and other social groups, dealing with environmental issues and sustainable development.
  •  To implement educational activities for Psiloritis UNESCO Global Geopark.


Anogia Environmental Educational Center implement every year a great variety of educational programs, both indoor and outdoor, can host more about 60 participants at its own facilities.