psiloritis geopark

Educational Programs

Field Activities (Educational Programs)

Two special “Educational Suitcases” have been developed by the Psiloritis Natural Park that serve for environmental educational both indoor and outdoor. These “Educational Suitcases” have been offered to all schools existing in the Park’s territory, and are also available for special groups from the facilities of the Park in Anogia.

“The underground trip of water”
This “Educational suitcase” is related with the surface and underground water routes in the carbonate rocks of the Park. It focuses on plateaus, caves and springs and discusses the individual ecosystems that are formed by the water activity. Classroom and outdoors activities, educational games and field observations are supported by the “Suitcase”. Part of the program is available also in English.

“The plateaus of Psiloritis”
The endemic flora and fauna, as well as the ecosystems found in the plateaus of Psiloritis Mountains is topic of this “Educational Suitcase”. Based on certain species like the Cretan Wildcat or the Psiloritis’ butterfly, the program discus the great variety of life and the peculiar ecosystems of the plateaus. Field activities, educational games, observations and data collection are amongst the various activities supported.
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