psiloritis geopark

Local Quality Label

The Development of Local Quality Label reflects the Will of the enterprises and organization of Psiloritis’ area to co-operate.  The main objective is the establishment of minimum functional standards that create a special agro-touristic product.  These standards concern the functional lows, the dishes, the quality and the origin of the raw materials, the decoration, etc.

The local quality label has been awarded to the following businesses to date :


To spiti tou voskou

Idaia Gh

Votomos (Zaro's Water)

Wild Nature Camp Tsakalakis

Kourkoulou Winnery

Delina Mountain Resort

Enagron Ecovillage

Tavern "Gagaris"

Tavern " Arodamos"


Museum of Wood Sculpture (Giorgos Koutantos)

Φυσικό Πάρκο Ψηλορείτη - Παγκόσμιο Γεωπάρκο UNESCO