psiloritis geopark


The villages and settlements of the wider area of Psiloritis, face common problems and challenges. An important role in the development of the region is played by Psiloritis Geopark, which has been officially recognized as an UNESCO Global Geopark.

The Development Center of Mountainous Milopotamos and Malevizi, AKOMM-PSILORITIS DEVELOPMENT AGENCY SA, has been in the area since 1988 playing a catalytic role in its development.

The company took the initiative for the creation of the Psiloritis Geopark and its inclusion in the European and Global Geoparks Network, while it was also its management body for many years.

However, experience over the years showed that the management of the Geopark should be the subject of a body which would have, beyond its institutional status, the ability to finance actions and obligations of the Geopark.

For this reason, the Network of Municipalities of Psiloritis, with the distinctive title "Ideon Network", was founded in 2019.

The legal form of the Network is in accordance with the provisions of article 101 of Law 3852/2010 (Civil non-profit company of art. 741 of the Civil Code).

Its founding members are:

a) The Municipalities of the territory: Municipality of Amari, Municipality of Anogeia, Municipality of Gortyna, Municipality of Malevizi, Municipality of Mylopotamos, Municipality of Rethymno, Municipality of Phaistos.

b) The Region of Crete

The Network' s purpose is the voluntary cooperation of its members on issues related to their geographical singularity and the mutual claim of solutions for their real problems that concern their historical, cultural, socio-economic, environmental and general development course, with the aim of their balanced and sustainable development.

In particular, the main objectives of the network are:

1. The promotion and implementation of actions for the protection, preservation and promotion of the natural and cultural environment of Psiloritis.
2. The organization and operation of the PSILOREITI NATURAL PARK (UNESCO World Geopark).
3. The technical support of its members at all levels.
4. The support and encouragement of scientific study and research, within the area of activity in matters of the natural and cultural environment.
5. The undertaking and implementation of actions in the direction of mild forms of tourism (nature, geo-, eco- and agro-tourism), as well as other forms of alternative tourism.
6. The reinforcement and support of educational activities.
7. Pursuing the development of partnerships with other public or local agencies and services, organizations or companies to achieve its goals.
8. The effort to cultivate environmental awareness by exerting influence on social actors, and by informing citizens so that more pro-environmental attitudes, behaviors and management policies are adopted in a wide range of activities related to the economy, culture and the social structure in general.
9. The promotion of special cultural, folklore elements and local products.
10. The pursuit of cooperation and communication with relevant institutions and organizations or companies at home and abroad.
11. Making every possible effort to achieve financial strength and self-reliance to promote its work.
12. The implementation of projects on behalf of its Members or other organizations, to implement the main purposes of the Network. For the specific Entities, the Network acts in the context of the implementation of the project and for the legal relationships arising from it as the authorized administrator of the beneficiary, managing the resources intended for the implementation of the project.