psiloritis geopark

Management Committee

Following the decision of the Council Board of the “Α.Κ.Ο.Μ.Μ - PSILORITIS DEVELOPMENT AGENCY S.A - ORGANIZATION OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT”, the Management Committee of Psiloritis Natural Park has been established.
The Committee is responsible for the management and development of the Park and is constituted by two representatives from the Council of AKOMM and one representative from the Natural History Museum of Crete – University of Crete (NHMC), the Regional Forest Service, the Regional Environmental Office, the Anogia Environmental Educational Centre, the Geotechnical Chamber of Greece, the “Psiloritis Land” company and the Hellenic Institute for Speleological Research (HISR).

The members of the Committee are:
Mr Kefalogiannis Sokratis, Major of Anogia, President of AKOMM,
Mr Oikonomakis Fanouris, Major of Rouvas, and Patakos Dimitrios (Subst.), Director of AKOMM
Mr Fassoulas Charalampos and Illiopoulos George (Subst), NHMC
Mr Ioannou Tassos and Mrs Xilouri Georgia (Subst.), Regional Forest Service,
Mr Mavrakis Manolis and  Mrs Dakanali Stela (Subst.), Regional Environmental Office,
Mrs Kefalogianni Zacharenia, Anogia Env. Education Centre
Mr Stefanakis Alekos, Geotechnical Chamber of Greece
Mr Papadakis Ioannis, “Psiloritis Land”
Mr Paragamian Kaloust and Foteinakis Kostas (Subst.), HISR

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